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Up Next in Jaw Droppers Volume 2: Ready, Set, Go

  • Pad Your Budget

    Is there anyone you owe a couple bucks to? This little monetary gag will really help you make good on some of your debts while also raising a few eyebrows in the process. Considerable preparation time is required.

  • Snip a Tip

    This is a great experiment for someone who loves to play the stock market or anyone that needs help choosing a stock. How do you know how to pick the right stock that's really going to take off? Larry demonstrates how to predict just that. You might want to call your broker after this.

  • Leave 'Em Spell-Bound

    This trick is the perfect way to leave a very strong impression on any future business connections. You'll test how in-tune they are with their name and their prediction abilities. All while getting your business cards into their hands and making yourself a pretty hard person to forget.