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Jaw Droppers Volume 2: Ready, Set, Go

Jaw Droppers Volume 2: Ready, Set, Go

Celebrity magician, Larry Anderson, performs each extraordinary trick and then breaks it down with a step-by-step explanation of how you too can amaze your own friends with very little practice.

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Jaw Droppers Volume 2: Ready, Set, Go
  • Anything Goes

    Remember the old expression, "got milk?" Well, the answer is no. At least, not for long.

    For this trick, you'll need a confederate. In the magic business, a confederate is someone within the audience who is in on and can help carry out the trick. An assistant in disguise.

  • A-peel-ing Wallpaper

    This optical illusion may get your invitation to dinner parties revoked. Larry demonstrates how to turn a susceptibility to clumsiness into a clever party trick that may or may not impress your host.

  • Burnt Offerings

    Presentation is the keynote for the success of this effect. Your confidence and commitment to selling the routine will determine its impressionability on your audience. Larry shows how your poise, acting chops, and a slight dramatic flare can go a long way.

  • A Point Well Taken

    A sharp twist on a classic gag your uncle may have tried to pull on you a couple dozen times before. Shock your audience with what appears to be an innocent ruse they're all familiar with. This version is a little tougher, though.

  • Business Card-incidence

    Do you want to make the act of handing out your business card a little more compelling than average? Larry presents a surefire way to be remembered by anyone you choose to give your business card to.

  • Busted!

    Catch one of your dinner guests red-handed with this good-natured gag that will have you keeping a special eye on your nice silver the next time they come over. A little lighthearted trick that's sure to make everyone at the party laugh.

  • Change Out of a Buck

    Have you ever been stopped on the street by someone that needs some change for a parking meter? They need change out of a buck. Larry demonstrates a rather peculiar way to help out a stranger in need.

  • Ghost Trap

    Larry demonstrates one of his favorite impromptu tricks to perform at a table or restaurant. It all depends on your belief in ghosts. Can you capture a piece of ectoplasm to prove that they're real and always floating around us? You might even fool some of the skeptics out there.

  • The Handmade While-U-Wait Business Card Printer

    Do you move around quite a bit? Never stay in one place for long? You may need to get yourself your own 'handy' laser micro-printer. This trick will allow you to update and re-update your business card instantaneously for whenever you need to make a new business connection. This puzzling trick co...

  • Helicopter Bill

    This clever little trick combines the Japanese art of paper folding, origami, and flying money. Be careful when performing it though, it may leave some of your audience with empty pockets.

  • Helicopter Bill Explained

    This is only a fun gag with borrowed money. Larry explains the secrets and the mechanics behind the Helicopter Bill. Learn how to make your audience's money float all the way up to the ceiling. The trick is, how do you get it down?

  • The Ash-stounding Penetration

    For this experiment, you'll need two volunteers, a lighter and a cigarette (or any item that creates ash). Larry demonstrates how to transport ash without making any physical contact with either of the participants. Ash-stound your audience with this seemingly inexplicable trick.

  • Gimme a Break

    The secret behind this trick is audience participation. By allowing your participates to physically partake in this demonstration, you'll fool all their senses into believing there is no way they haven't broken the toothpick. This makes the final reveal beyond comprehension and quite shocking for...

  • Pad Your Budget

    Is there anyone you owe a couple bucks to? This little monetary gag will really help you make good on some of your debts while also raising a few eyebrows in the process. Considerable preparation time is required.

  • Snip a Tip

    This is a great experiment for someone who loves to play the stock market or anyone that needs help choosing a stock. How do you know how to pick the right stock that's really going to take off? Larry demonstrates how to predict just that. You might want to call your broker after this.

  • Never the Twine Shall Meet

    Have you ever heard the saying, "East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet?" This trick modifies that saying just a bit. Instead of twain, it's the twine that'll never meet. Using nothing more than some packing twine, you'll prove that old saying wrong and truly surprise your ...

  • Archenemy

    You know what's a real enemy to your arches? The little stray pebbles and rocks that manage to slip inside your shoe everyday. It seems almost impossible to explain how they wind up in there again and again, without fail. Larry might be able to help uncover their secret ways, though.

  • The Haunted Bill

    Larry demonstrates how to make paper money move on its own. The mechanics behind this trick are so hard to see and understand that it'll look like maybe your wallet is haunted.