Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

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HotShot With Rubber Bands • 3m 13s

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  • Stranded

    You may truly be doing to the unimaginable here. You going to let an audience member actually use a pair of scissors and cut through both of the bands you have in your hands. How could you possibly fix them? They've been snipped... cut in half... broken beyond repair. There's nothing you can do. ...

  • Thru a Spectator's Finger

    You may have guessed: you'll need a volunteer for this next move. Like the Thru Thumb or Taking Martin by the Hand, you're going to fasten the band around a spectator's finger. Just like before, you're going to learn how to make that seemingly securely fastened band pass right through their finge...

  • Synthesis

    You're finally ready for a Ben Salinas original. In this terrific move, you'll truly make serious magic happen. Two separate, normal bands become one mega-band with just a little bit of friction. Your fingers are the catalyst in this reaction, with just a little bit of rubbing the bands together ...