Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks


Hot Shot With Rubber Bands • 2m 22s

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  • Penetrating Ring

    Now for something a little bit different. You'll start with a couple of rubber bands and interweave them through your fingers in such a way that nothing could ever hope to get past them. That's where you're wrong though. Using a ring and a little bit of magic, you can make that piece of jewelry p...

  • Thumb Tie

    This is a version of the classic Thumb Tie routine in magic that is usually done with wire or string. This version uses, you guessed it, a rubber band. You'll fasten your thumbs together using the rubber band so that you are unable to separate your hands. This would make it impossible for any obj...

  • Ring & Band Link

    For this trick, you'll need to borrow a ring from the audience. This way you'll be able to reassure them that there is no possible way any funny business is going on. You're going to mix the ring and the band together so much that they actually become one. Somehow, someway, you have interlocked t...