Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

A Band-Ment

Hot Shot With Rubber Bands • 4m 25s

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  • Back-Handed

    Have you been looking for a move to find your spectator's card that's equal parts enthralling as it is shocking? Well, look no further than this band trick called Back-Handed. Your spectator will place their chosen card back into the deck and after a few cuts, you'll wrap a band around it twice. ...

  • Penetrating Ring

    Now for something a little bit different. You'll start with a couple of rubber bands and interweave them through your fingers in such a way that nothing could ever hope to get past them. That's where you're wrong though. Using a ring and a little bit of magic, you can make that piece of jewelry p...

  • Thumb Tie

    This is a version of the classic Thumb Tie routine in magic that is usually done with wire or string. This version uses, you guessed it, a rubber band. You'll fasten your thumbs together using the rubber band so that you are unable to separate your hands. This would make it impossible for any obj...