Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Impossible Jumping Band

Hot Shot With Rubber Bands • 1m 53s

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  • Double Jumping Bands

    As one might assume from the name, Double Jumping Bands is just that - the Jumping Bands move doubled. You'll start with two different colored bands that will ultimately switch places on your fingers. This is done using the same technique as the two jumping band routines prior. It's double the tr...

  • Band Thru Wrist

    This method comes from Willi Schneider, a famous Austrian magician, and medium. You'll wrap the band around your wrist twice, ensuring the impossibility of what you're about to do next. As you start yanking on the band, the crowd will fear you'll break it - but on the third yank, something unexpl...

  • Torn & Restored Elastic

    This torn and restored move from Walter Rollins is a real crowd-pleaser. One second you're snapping the band in half, rendering it irreparable and useless. The next second, though, you've accomplished the impossible. You have restored the band back to its original, unbroken state. How did you do ...