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Hand Illusions: Amazing Hand Illusions

Hand Illusions: Amazing Hand Illusions

Learn amazing hand illusions that will astonish your audience! Join Eddy Ray as he takes you through the world of sleight of hand with everyday objects; playing cards, pens, rings, & more. Easy to learn!

Hand Illusions: Amazing Hand Illusions
  • Double Cut Roll

    Eddy Ray demonstrates how to simultaneously perform single-handed cuts in both hands so smoothly that it'll look almost effortless to your audience. It's important to perform this move with the same smoothness that Ray does, to have it constantly flowing so that the audience can't see some of the...

  • Shrinking Deck

    Discover how to make a simple fan shrink in under three minutes! Ray teaches you how to perform this mind-boggling illusion in just a few simple steps.

  • Vanishing & Reappearing Card

    Follow along as Ray explains how to expertly make a card not only disappear but then effortlessly reappear as well.

  • Toss out Aces

    Astonish and shock your audience by learning how to extract all the aces from your deck by making them literally toss themselves out. In just a few swift movements, all the aces will have fallen out the deck and onto the surface below, readying themselves for your next move.

  • Blank Faces Print

    In one instance, you're presenting a fan of blank cards to your audience. In the next, you've magically transformed the deck and made the faces reappear. How do you do it?

  • Erdnase Color Change

    One plain and simple slide later and the color of your top card has transformed. Watch as Ray demonstrates this fairly easy to learn, but highly impressive color change.

  • Ed Marlo's Snap Change

    Ray demonstrates how to perform the timeless illusion that sees one card inexplicably transform into another in a snap. One snap is all it takes to really make some magic happen.

  • Springing the Cards

    In just minutes, learn how to make your deck leap from one hand to the other. It'll look like there is an actual spring underneath once you master this move.

  • Growing Deck

    This gimmick takes a little bit of preparation, that totally pays off in the end. You spread your miniature bicycle deck out on a table, only to flip it over and reveal that you've somehow managed to enlarge each and every single card. Impossible!

  • Finger Ring Jump

    A wave of your hand is all it will take to miraculously cause one ring to disappear from one finger, and appear another within seconds. After Ray's first-rate demonstration, you'll be able to flawlessly perform this mysterious trick in no time.

  • Ring Finger Vanish Performance

    Your next show just got even more eye-popping. Audiences will not be ready when you do this as part of your act. It’s a piece of a larger puzzle to amaze them every time. With this move, you’ll be able to make any ring vanish! Combine this technique with any other close-up tricks to make your own...

  • Ring Finger Vanish Secret

    Setup: Place the ring onto the outer edge of your index finger. Cup your other hand around it like you’re grabbing it off. As your fingers fold around it, bend your hand with the ring into a fist, hiding the index finger. You will now be in a “thumb palm” position. Continue the motion that you ar...

  • Finger Ring Pop On

    Your ring disappears, only to pop back into place instantaneously. Or does it?

  • Ring Finger Penetration

    The ring will impossibly switch fingers right in front of your audience. One moment it's on your ring finger, the next it's on your ring finger. A little tug and pull is all it takes for your ring to penetrate your finger and change positions in order to impress your audience.

  • Ninja Ring

    All you need for this crafty trick is two identical rings and a little time for practice. By the end, it'll appear as though one of your fingers dove inside the ring, keeping it from falling to the ground somehow.

  • Poker Chip Fantasy

    Learn how to make a poker chip disappear in this seamless routine that'll fool any and every audience you perform it for. You close your palm around the chip and then it's gone. As simple as that.

  • Poker Chip Appearance

    Now it's time to learn the inverse of the previous trick, the Poker Chip Fantasy. After this, you'll be able to open your once empty palm and make a poker chip appear out of thin air.

  • Back Palm Vanish

    You throw a single playing card into the air and... where does it land? Anywhere? Nowhere? They'll never know.

  • PenTrix

    Using a regular ole pen, you'll complete a masterful disappearance and reappearance in a matter of seconds. A real 'now you see it, now you don't.'