Free Tricks to Get Started

Free Tricks to Get Started

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Free Tricks to Get Started
  • Fusion

    Did you ever imagine that one day you'd be able to effortlessly fuse two rubber bands together? No longer a thing of fantasy, this video will teach you how to accomplish this seemingly impossible task in just under two minutes.

  • New York Opener With Rudy Hunter

  • Two-Bit Penny Pincher

    Have you ever been called a penny-pincher due to your propensity for being a little more thrifty than others? This coin trick will make that description quite literal. Impress your friends by making money appear out of what appears to be thin air.

  • The Ultimate Utility Move

    Celebrity magician, Larry Anderson opens this course in magic by not showing a magic trick, surprisingly. Instead, Anderson shows the single most important move taught within this collection of lessons and demonstrations. This move is the most sleight of hand you'll have to know in order to perfo...

  • Blink

    Kris demonstrates one of the easiest color changes you'll ever learn. Watch carefully, this change happens in the blink of an eye!

  • Out of This World

  • Elevator Card

    Call your card to the top of any deck in a flash using this highly visual Elevator Card trick that will fool any audience.

  • S.W. Erdnase Color Change

    In 1902, S.W. Erdnase published the single most influential book on the art of sleight of hand, The Expert at the Card Table. Often called the Houdini, this is another classic color change that every magician should know. All this classic trick takes is one simple, seemingly effortless wave of yo...

  • Bobo Switch

    The first sleight to introduce the shift into utility moves is none other than J.B. Bobo's Bobo Switch. You'll learn to wondrously replace one coin with another by throwing one of the coins back and forth between your hands. It all takes place under the cover of that very throwing motion. One las...

  • Business Card To Dollar Bill

    Anderson presents an unconventional way to make an unforgettable first impression on a new boss or colleague with this Business Card to Dollar Bill tutorial. The Ultimate Utility Move will allow you to turn your spectator's hard work into a tangible reward within seconds.

  • Scissors Cut

  • Rubberband & Ring

    Can you do a trick with a broken rubber band? Yes, we can! We just need the help of some good ole survival magic. All it takes is a broken rubber band and a ring, and we can preform a trick and defy gravity all in one go.