Free Tricks to Get Started

Free Tricks to Get Started

Here at Master Magic Tricks, our passion is providing you with all the materials and teachings that'll help you become the best maker of magic you can be. Please enjoy these four life-changing, free tricks to get you started on your journey. If you like what you see here, we encourage you to browse the rest of our library.

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Free Tricks to Get Started
  • Where Am I??

  • Fusion

    Did you ever imagine that one day you'd be able to effortlessly fuse two rubber bands together? No longer a thing of fantasy, this video will teach you how to accomplish this seemingly impossible task in just under two minutes.

  • New York Opener With Rudy Hunter

  • Two-Bit Penny Pincher

    Have you ever been called a penny-pincher due to your propensity for being a little more thrifty than others? This coin trick will make that description quite literal. Impress your friends by making money appear out of what appears to be thin air.

  • Out of This World