Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

The 'Bold' Vanish

Encyclopedia Of Spongeballs • 56s

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  • The 'Bluff' Vanish

    This vanish has you tossing your sponge ball between your hands, casually. That is until, after one toss, the ball disappears... never making it to your other hand. Where'd it go?

  • Another 'Bluff' Vanish

    Here we have another bluff vanish. You will be doing the actions of the previous bluff vanish, but instead of tossing the ball back and forth, you'll be rolling it on your hand until poof! It's disappeared!

  • The Pretended Place Vanish

    This is a great vanish for the platform. The Pretend Place Vanish is a retention of vision vanish wherein you'll have your audience believe their attention has never left the ball. So, when you open your hand again to reveal the ball has disappeared, they'll be totally and completely surprised by...