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Encyclopedia Of Sponge Ball Magic with Ben Salinas

Encyclopedia Of Sponge Ball Magic with Ben Salinas

Ben Salinas presents the most comprehensive collection of sponge ball moves and routines. Never before has there be such an essential and available resource for the art of sponge ball mastery been accumulated. You'll learn all the secrets, mechanics and important tips necessary to become a sponge ball expert. You'll have an exciting new close-up routine ready to go in no time.

Encyclopedia Of Sponge Ball Magic with Ben Salinas
  • Introduction: Sponge Ball Vanishes

    Ben Salinas introduces the ultimate guide to sponge ball magic. It's all here, everything you'll need to know in order to become a sponge ball master.

  • Jacket Lapel Move

    Salinas opens with one of the most basic but endlessly useful subtleties in all of sponge ball magic. The perfect opener for any routine.

  • Lets Have Some Elbow Room

    The sponge ball will magically travel from your hand up to the crook of your elbow without even the slightest bit of detection from your audience.

  • The Mayfair Mountebank

    Salinas presents two ideas from Bobby Baxter. The Mayfair Mountebank gives you two really clever ways to not only make a sponge ball vanish into thin air but also to make it reappear right before your volunteer's eyes.

  • Under the Jacket Move

    Here's a perfect move to help you surprise your audience. When you already have two balls in your hands, they won't be expecting you to pull out a third... especially when you pull it out of thin air.

  • The Garcia Master Move

    Salinas demonstrates how to make a sponge ball vanish into thin air. The ball is clearly in one hand, but when you pass it to your other... it has disappeared. Poof! Gone!

  • The 'Clipped' Vanish

    The next vanish is also a mini-lesson in misdirection. Always remember, the spectator will follow where your eyes go.

  • The 'Exercise' Vanish

    This next one is equal parts a great vanish and great exercise... which makes its title, almost too perfect.

  • The One, Two, Three Vanish

    This vanish is as easy as counting to three. Plus, it has a nice little rhythm to it.

  • Now You See It, Now You Don't

    This vanish is by the great Bobby Baxter. It is a more visible version of the previous 1, 2, 3 Vanish. The audience will be able to see the sponge ball, until... well, they don't!

  • Two to Nothing

    Next up is Bobby Baxter's Two to Nothing. Another attention vanish, but this time... you'll make two balls vanish at once. Two for the price of one, if you will.

  • Quick Vanish

    Inspired a move by Audley Walsh found in his 1947 book Sponge Ball Manipulation, the quick vanish is quite literally just that. A very quick and deceptive vanish that is sure to fool any and every spectator.

  • The 'O.K.' Vanish

    All you need to do for this next vanish is a sponge ball in one hand and to make the O.K. sign with the other. The rest is magic.

  • The Roll Down Animated Vanish

    This vanish will have your sponge ball rolling down your fingers... rolling right into a disappearing act, that is!

  • The 'Bold' Vanish

    This vanish is very similar to the previous 'O.K.' vanish, except your sponge ball will pass through your fist instead of the O.K. hand sign. The sponge ball will go through your fist one way and come out... where exactly?

  • The 'Bluff' Vanish

    This vanish has you tossing your sponge ball between your hands, casually. That is until, after one toss, the ball disappears... never making it to your other hand. Where'd it go?

  • Another 'Bluff' Vanish

    Here we have another bluff vanish. You will be doing the actions of the previous bluff vanish, but instead of tossing the ball back and forth, you'll be rolling it on your hand until poof! It's disappeared!

  • The Pretended Place Vanish

    This is a great vanish for the platform. The Pretend Place Vanish is a retention of vision vanish wherein you'll have your audience believe their attention has never left the ball. So, when you open your hand again to reveal the ball has disappeared, they'll be totally and completely surprised by...

  • The 'Toss' Vanish

    Salinas demonstrates how to make a sponge ball disappear in midair. One, two, three tosses and... whoosh, the ball has mysteriously disappeared!

  • The 'Squeeze' Vanish

    Here's a funky little move called the 'Squeeze' Vanish. You may have guessed it... you'll be squeezing the ball until it actually vanishes. Smashed into nothingness. When your hand re-opens, it's gone!

  • The Pretended Take Vanish

    Now, this is a pretty easy vanish... but that doesn't mean it's any less likely to fool your audience. You pick up the ball and throw it into the air and wait for it to land... but, it never does.

  • Nip & Tuck No Skill Vanish

    This vanish requires no prior skills or experience with sponge balls... which makes it the perfect audience participation addition to your routine!

  • The 'Hook' Vanish

    In this vanish, you'll use a hook to retrieve the ball just in the nick of time. So that when you open your palm, you'll reveal nothing but an empty hand. No ball insight.

  • The 'Impossible Challenge' Vanish

    Ready to try your hand at something impossible? If so, it's time to learn how to make a sponge ball disappear using only one hand.