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  • Think Stop

    EFFECT. Any pack of cards is shuffled by a spectator and handed to the performer, who lays it face down on the table and asks a person to cut the pack at about the center; to look at and remember the card on the top of the lower part, replace the card and put the portion cut off on top. The spect...

  • Your Card, Your Number

    FROM a one-way pack, arranged in order, allow a spectator to freely select any card, note what it is and push it back into the pack at any point, you, of course, having first turned the pack around. Shuffle overhand and have the pack cut several times. Announce that you have such control over the...

  • The Haley Reversed Card

    THE invention of the late Louis Haley, this trick first appeared in print in The Genii, Oct. 1936. First secretly give the inner end of the whole pack a sharp bend by squeezing the inner corners downward between the left second finger and thumb over the first finger which is doubled below the pac...