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Up Next in Encyclopedia of Card Tricks with Rudy Hunter

  • Phenomenal Thought Cards

    BEFOREHAND take a spot card, a 7 for instance, and with a pin prick the card on the face just near the top index. This will raise a tiny lump on the back of the card which can be felt with the ball of the thumb as you deal the cards. Put this card seventh from the bottom of the pack. To present t...

  • Detected by Fingerprints or Pulse

    IN TAKING back a pack which has been shuffled by a spectator, note and remember the bottom card. Turn your back and holding the pack behind you invite a spectator to make a free cut, then take off the card on the lower section, look at it and remember it. As he looks at it turn facing him and exp...

  • The Three Heaps

    RUN through any well-shuffled pack to remove the Joker and, as you do this, note and memorize the three top cards. Hand the pack to a spectator and tell him to deal three heaps face down. After he has dealt several rounds tell him he can deal irregularly, two on one heap, three on another and so ...