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Up Next in Encyclopedia of Card Tricks with Rudy Hunter

  • Impenetrable Stop Trick

    WITH any complete pack a spectator, after shuffling it, selects a card by thrusting the Joker into it and noting the card that lies above it. He squares the pack and cuts it as often as he wishes, then deals the cards into the face of the card about half an inch diagonally from the outer index wh...

  • Master Mental Mystery

    ANY pack may be used: have it thoroughly shuffled by a spectator and in taking it back sight the bottom card. Put the pack on the table after secretly making a mark on the top card with your thumbnail. Instruct the spectators that after you leave the room some of them (any number) are to draw car...

  • Think of a Card

    HAVE a spectator shuffle the pack, take it and run cards from the left hand into the right, asking him to stop you at any point. When he does so separate the cards at that point and hold the right-hand packet before his eyes, spreading the indices of the last five or six cards and telling him to ...