Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Up Next in Easy Coin Magic: 60+ Effects To Choose From

  • Four Coin Production

    A variation of Cardini's Touch of Midas, the Four Coin Production is as straight forward and practical as it gets in coin magic. Where once there was nothing, now lies two dollars worth of half dollars. Might come in handy later when you find yourself short on cash.

  • Three Coin Production & Vanish

    You start out with two hands and a little bit of magic. You just need to squeeze your fist hard enough and poof! A coin appears right smack in the middle of your palm. That's not enough, though! Just reach over to the elbow and poof! Another coin materializes out of thin air. You touch the opposi...

  • Spellbound Variation 2

    This routine takes some of Dai Vernon's classic moves in Spellbound and reworks them to create an amusing little modern routine. You'll present the audience with a new counterfeit coin that's been making its way through the magic circuit. It may look like just any old half dollar, but really its ...