Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Up Next in Easy Coin Magic: 60+ Effects To Choose From

  • Coin Thru Handkerchief

    Ben demonstrates a classic coin routine by Bobo. The Coin Thru Handkerchief is very effective and convincing, the audience will have a hard time explaining the magic you've displayed. Since you've shown them every angle of this trick, underneath the handkerchief included, what you've down will se...

  • Coins Thru the Table

    Now, using the Han Ping Chen move, you'll learn how to perform the routine Coins Thru the Table. You can also use the move to perform a larger scale Coins Across Routine. Either way, you're gearing up for a massively impressive and unforgettable routine.

  • Coin in the Pen

    A vanish and production move slapped into one really entertaining and interesting routine. Who knew that all you needed to perform some serious coin magic was just one pen? Ben performs one of his favorite routines. A quick, simple and topical venture into coin magic that will have audiences' hea...