Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Up Next in Easy Coin Magic: 60+ Effects To Choose From

  • Finger Palm Production

    To begin the transition to productions, making a coin appear at your fingertips, is the Finger Palm Production. This production is easy to learn, practical and versatile. It can be used to produce a coin from behind someone's ear, behind an object on a table and much more.

  • Classic Palm Production

    Next is the Classic Palm Production. You'll do a little wave and out of nowhere, a coin appears. What's going on here? To figure it out, you have to look no farther than its name. You release the coin from Classic Palm during your waving motion. In an instance, where there was no coin in sight, t...

  • Downs Palm Production

    Ben demonstrates how to produce a coin from Downs Palm. One wave of your hand and the coin will just pop into existence. How does it work? As you may have guessed, you are simply going in and out of Downs Palm. Simple enough, right? How does something so simple appear to be so magical, though?