Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Up Next in Easy Coin Magic: 60+ Effects To Choose From

  • Ramsay Subtlety

    The Ramsey Subtlety, credited to John Ramsay, is the perfect concealment that'll stump your audience every time. You'll be able to reveal a completely empty hand, while still shielding the coin from their probing eyes. You'll just need the basics of finger palm, and you'll be set, ready to includ...

  • Classic Palm

    The Classic Palm is just that, a classic. It may be the oldest way documented for concealing a coin in existence. Easy to master, an invaluable tool to keep at the ready in your coin magic arsenal. You'll be coming back to this move again and again.

  • Kaps

    Invented by the Dutch magician Fred Kaps, is the Kaps Subtlety. This move is a natural extension to the Classic Palm. A very simple maneuver that only involves two things: Classic Palm and turning your open hand towards yourself. This gives the audience a good view of your hand, while still keepi...