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Color Changing Deck

Color Changing Deck

This card trick defies all expectations and will instantly become a total knockout for anyone who sees it. Have a spectator chose a card from a red deck. They had a completely free choice. And yet, they somehow chose the only card that is blue in the whole deck. As if they wasn't shocking enough, you spread the cards out again and show that now all of the cards have changed to blue! This color change can be done with different decks or colored card backs.

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Color Changing Deck
  • Color Changing Deck - Performance

    Defy all expectations with this card trick that your audience will never forget. This is something they will always ask you about from the second they see it. A spectator’s selected card is magically shown to be the only card in the deck with a different color back. But when it’s added to the top...

  • Color Changing Deck - Secret

    Setup: All you need is two regular decks of playing cards with different colored backs and their card boxes. We will use the example of starting with a red deck as shown in the video. You will also need a double-backed card with red back on one side and blue on the other. You can make your own by...