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Restoration Rubber Band

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Fusion - The One Trick You Need to Know

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  • Restoration Rubber Band

    One ordinary broken rubber band is presented to your audience, shown off from all conceivable angles. By all accounts, it's just another broken rubber band that's beyond repair. You can't fix one once it's been snapped... or can you?

  • Coin Across

    As it turns out, magically transposing three coins back in forth between your hands isn't as hard as you'd think. Your audience doesn't have to know that, though. In this video, you'll learn how to do just that with such a level of ease and confidence you'll trick any and everyone that witnesses ...

  • Shadow Coins

    David Roth and Michael Ammar's classic shadow coins routine has fooled magicians from all over the world. This trick's secrets are finally revealed so that you too can begin to fool magicians and audiences alike. How do you transpose four coins back and forth without ever sliding or picking them ...