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Close-Up 21: Learn 21 Astonishing Close-Up Tricks

Close-Up 21: Learn 21 Astonishing Close-Up Tricks

In this instructional magic training course, you will learn 21 marvelous close-up tricks that you can do anywhere, anytime. From using everyday objects such as coins and rubber bands to astonishing card feats, you will get it all from these tutorials! The step-by-step instruction makes it easy to learn so you, too, can make the magic happen!

Close-Up 21: Learn 21 Astonishing Close-Up Tricks
  • Zarro

    Step-by-step tutorial of the full-deck false shuffle, the Zarro Shuffle. Spectators will believe you've completed a normal, trustworthy riffle shuffle. What they don't know is that despite the shuffle, the original order of the deck has remained the exact same.

  • Gambler

    Learn another classic false shuffle, the Gambler. This unweaving shuffle, first presented in Expert Card Technique by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue, will be impossible for any spectator not to believe.

  • Top Card

    The final false shuffle presented in this series, the Top Card, does just as the name suggests. While you do appear to give the deck a thorough and randomizing shuffle, the top card somehow returns to position every single time. No matter how closely they watch you at work, they won't be able to ...

  • Second Deal

    Second Dealing is a sleight frequently used within card tricks and gambling. The secret is actually explained within the name of the trick itself. Instead of dealing from the top of the deck, you start with the second card. This allows you, the dealer, to either avoid relinquishing a favorable ca...

  • Bottom Deal

    Learning and perfecting the art of the bottom deal is essential for any aspiring magician. This classic sleight will prove to be endlessly useful in an array of moves and routines. Why is this particular sleight so valuable? It's because of its location - the bottom. The bottom of the deck is the...

  • Gambler's False Cut

    A type of card manipulation, the Gambler's False Cut is a sleight aimed solely at maintaining the top card's position - even after having appeared to be cut. The audience believes you've randomized the deck, making it impossible to know the identity of the deck's top card still. Or is it?

  • Hundi

    A simple, yet highly effective move that allows you transform the color of any card with nothing more than a wave of your hand. One of the best and most visually appealing moves within card magic.

  • TeBe

    The TeBe Change, also known as the Bertram Change, is an elegant and beautiful color change when executed correctly. Two cards will appear as one as you allow the spectator to view this change from every possible angle... well, almost every possible angle.

  • Blink

    This color change happens so fast you could blink and miss it. Since the change happens so fast, Blink requires a lot of practice in order to acquire the dexterity and swiftness to draw the bottom card to the top without detection.

  • Knuckle Cut

    The Knuckle Cut allows you to cut the deck using only one hand. One-handed cuts like this are a crucial move for all advanced magicians to master. Not only are they visually impressive, they are an essential move for many advanced card tricks.

  • False Cut

    Learn how to combine two of the most essential sleights for any magician by mastering this one-handed false cut. You'll still have all the flare and impressiveness of a one-handed cut, while also controlling the location of your chosen card.

  • French Drop

    The French Drop, demonstrated in the video with a coin, is actually a classic sleight used to make small objects disappear. A truly universal trick that'll prove to be endless helpful for any magician attempting any close-up tricks.

  • Spider Vanish

    Ed Marlo's classic Spider Vanish, often referred to as the Spidergrip Vanish, uses the previously demonstrated French Drop and a bit of crafty misdirection to make a coin disappear without a trace. Not only is this single coin drop's difficulty level relatively low, it is also guaranteed to baffl...

  • Restoration Coin

    Learn how to do a very simple, traditional and practical single coin restoration. Auspicious angles and hand techniques are all you'll need to make this sleight come to life. After this video and a little bit of practice, you'll be able to make a coin disappear and reappear in 6 seconds or less.

  • Illusion Bands Performance

    Ready to know a trick you can learn instantly with everyday objects? Show two separate rubber bands, one each spread in the fingers of your hands. Then by interlocking them, you suddenly show them pass back through each other! It defies the laws of physics; and yet, it happened right before their...

  • Illusion Bands Secret

    Setup: All you need is two medium-sized rubber bands. There are no other special props required. Most tricks with rubber bands work right away with minimal practice, and are still fascinating to watch.

    Pro Tip: Carefully practice changing the position of your fingers a few times. Decide which...

  • Fusion - Performance

    Have you noticed that rubber bands are really snappy? They have a mind of their own and sometimes collide with each other. It’s a mystery of physics you are about to unlock. Here’s a very deceptive trick that will delight everyone who watches. You show two rubber bands that are spread out in each...

  • Fusion - Secret

    You’ve made it this far on your journey into close-up magic. This is a fantastic effect for magicians who are looking for something they can learn instantly. You can take this trick anywhere and show people how magic can be done with simple items everyone has around the house.

    Who would have eve...

  • Fusion - The One Trick You Need to Know

    Did you ever imagine that one day you'd be able to effortlessly fuse two rubber bands together? No longer a thing of fantasy, this video will teach you how to accomplish this seemingly impossible task in just under two minutes.

    All you need to do is find a rubber band & believe in magic...

  • Restoration Rubber Band

    One ordinary broken rubber band is presented to your audience, shown off from all conceivable angles. By all accounts, it's just another broken rubber band that's beyond repair. You can't fix one once it's been snapped... or can you?

  • Coin Across

    As it turns out, magically transposing three coins back in forth between your hands isn't as hard as you'd think. Your audience doesn't have to know that, though. In this video, you'll learn how to do just that with such a level of ease and confidence you'll trick any and everyone that witnesses ...

  • Shadow Coins

    David Roth and Michael Ammar's classic shadow coins routine has fooled magicians from all over the world. This trick's secrets are finally revealed so that you too can begin to fool magicians and audiences alike. How do you transpose four coins back and forth without ever sliding or picking them ...

  • Spoon Bending Performance

    You don’t need superhuman strength to bend silverware. It’s all about getting your spectators to believe you can really transform metal objects with your mind. Here’s an eye-catching magic moment your audience won’t forget. By simply rubbing on the back of a spoon, it will start to bend upward. I...