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Book Mind Reading

Book Mind Reading

This technique brings a whole new deceptive level to this classic mentalism effect. You grab a book and riffle through the pages, asking the spectator to stop wherever they want. Ask them to circle a small number of words inside the facedown book with a marker. Hand them the book to hold against their chest. They look at the most interesting word in the group of words they have circled and hold it in the front of their mind. Amazingly, you announce the word and ace it every time. You can use any book to perform this trick once you know the secret.

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Book Mind Reading
  • Book Mind Reading - Performance

    Mind reading seems like science fiction. But you’re about to find out how easy it can be once you know a few secrets. As you flip through a book, the spectator says “stop” anywhere. Turn the book upside down and have them circle a word on that selected page. Remind them there are thousands of wor...

  • Book Mind Reading - Secret

    All you need is a normal black marker, a dried-out matching marker, and a paperback book. Now, you’re ready to get started.

    Setup: Circle a few words on a page in the middle of a paperback book with a black marker. There should be a bigger word that stands out among the others. Slightly bend ...