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Araki: Technique Master

Araki: Technique Master

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Araki: Technique Master
  • Introduction: Technique Master

    Ben Salinas introduces legendary card master Ichiro Araki. Araki has been in the magic community for almost 60 years and has become a true staple within Japanese magic. In this series, Araki presents some of the finest coin and card tricks the world of magic has to offer.

  • Geome-Trick

    Araki demonstrates a simple geometric inspired production trick. The help of a little palming and the Jimmy Wilson grip will magically produce a coin out of two invisible circles and a triangle.

  • Silent Destiny

    Araki teaches you how to effortlessly pass three coins back and forth between your left and right hand. This can be done so effortlessly that your method is well beyond detection by the untrained eye. To an audience, it'll appear that the coins are inexplicably appearing and disappearing over and...

  • Up-Down Coin

    How can you force a coin to teleport straight through a solid object, and bring it back again? Araki knows the secret. All it takes to unlock the mysteries of teleportation is three slaps to the back of the hand.

  • Instant Triumph

    Araki provides a demonstration of hands-free, no table needed Triumph. This trick works most efficiently with a prior knowledge of and experience with the Araki pass. Although Araki makes it look effortless, his take on Triumph is an advanced and impressive trick. One that'll require frequent pra...

  • Spiral Cut

    A simple flourish that is just as fun to learn as it is flashy. This move will impress your audience by demonstrating your unquestionable control over your deck and your undeniable dexterity.

  • Spiral Cut Control

    This move builds off of the previous flourish Araki previously demonstrated. Instead though, you'll learn to use it as a means to control a card instead of just as a fancy attention-grabber.

  • Floating Deck

    Call it telekinesis, levitation, ability to affect gravity - they're all in the same ballpark. They're all talents your audience will believe you possess with Araki's floating deck trick. A floating deck that'll add some mostly effortless fun to any routine.

  • Pyramid Production

    Only after you've advanced completely through this collection of tricks will you be ready for this production move. The most ambitious move included in this series, the Pyramid Production allows you to seek out the spectator's card from within the deck while constructing a pyramid with the cards ...