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A Hors d'Oeuvre

Araki: Card Master • 2m 17s

Up Next in Araki: Card Master

  • Araki-Hofzinser Aces

    Araki demonstrates his version of the Hofzinser Aces Problem, a classic card problem created by Jack Avis in the 1950s. The four aces will help you locate your spectator's chosen card that has been seemingly lost within the deck. But, has it really?

  • Acrobatic

    For a beautiful production of any four of a kind, Ichiro demonstrates how to deliver a perfectly devious trick that'll let your audience believe they see all. As usual though, there is more going on just beneath the surface.

  • Jewelry Force

    Araki's Jewelry Force will make your audience truly believe in magic as they repeatedly pick the ace of spades out of the deck, even as the card count dwindles.

    Is it really magic or the work of some other more tangible force?