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Jewelry Force

Araki: Card Master • 2m 50s

Up Next in Araki: Card Master

  • Araki Pass

    It's essential that every performer has some version of the pass within their arsenal. It is a practical trick that requires years of practice. Learning to control your deck with subtlety and ease will prove to be a truly crucial element in your card dealing career.

    In this video, Araki provi...

  • Araki-Erdnase Change

    Araki performs and provides a walk-through of the classic color change effect, the Erdnase Change. After this short tutorial you'll be able to change the color of any card in your deck with nothing more than a mere wave of the hand.

  • Chon's Invisible Pass

    Araki introduces a pass that can be completed so instantaneously that is almost completely imperceptible to to the untrained eye. This version, that begins very similarly to the Herrmann Pass, is much more quiet and swift than the original.

    Araki's modifications have made this pass even more ...