Amazing Tricks: Learn Easy Magic with Master Magician Reza

Amazing Tricks: Learn Easy Magic with Master Magician Reza

Have you ever wanted to perform a magic trick so unbelievable and impressive that it’ll keep people guessing how it was done long after they’ve seen it? Well, how does 16 of those kind of tricks sound? Look no further, everything you need to know to make your next magic performance a mind-blowing success is right here. Join professional magician Reza as he performs and reveals the secrets behind some of his best magic. Learn everything from card tricks to close-up magic and mind-reading now. Get ready to take your magic to the next level.

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Amazing Tricks: Learn Easy Magic with Master Magician Reza
  • Cards in Balloon - Performance

    Have you ever wanted to perform an effect that people will remember forever? A balloon is filled with air, then slowly pressed onto a deck of cards. As the balloon slowly deflates, the deck seems to defy the laws of physics by appearing to be trapped inside. This trick can be performed using many...

  • Cards in Balloon - Secret

  • Arm Twist - Performance

    You don't have to be double jointed to shock your audience with this unforgettable effect. Place your hand on a table, and ask a spectator to follow along with your movements. They will freak out when you suddenly twist your arm around in an impossible way they cannot repeat. Your spectator will ...

  • Arm Twist - Secret

  • Book Mind Reading - Performance

    This technique brings a whole new deceptive level to this classic mentalism effect. You grab a book and riffle through the pages, asking the spectator to stop wherever they want. Ask them to circle a small number of words inside the facedown book with a marker. Hand them the book to hold against ...

  • Book Mind Reading - Secret

  • The Wizard - Performance

    Have you ever wanted to convince someone it's possible to know what they're thinking from anywhere in the world? The spectator freely chooses any card from a deck. The magician calls someone called "The Wizard" on their cell phone. Without even being in the same room, The Wizard immediately knows...

  • The Wizard - Secret

  • Ashes on Palm - Performance

    This effect is will burn itself into the memories of everyone who sees it. Have a spectator hold out both hands with closed fists. Once they choose one hand, you put a small dot on the top of their hand with a black marker. After you slightly rub the marker with your finger, they will rotate thei...

  • Ashes on Palm - Secret

  • Flip Out - Performance

    This incredible trick is a must for any magician who wants to perform a stunning card effect. A spectator chooses any card, memorizes it, and returns the card anywhere inside the deck. You show them all the cards face up, so they can see their card is randomly mixed in with the others. You place ...

  • Melting Point - Performance

    This is by far one of the most famous and easy to learn rubber bank tricks ever invented. Mysteriously cause two rubber bands to melt through each other. This trick is so seamless and smooth that even people watching closely will not see the method. It can be performed with any normal medium-size...

  • Melting Point - Secret

  • Color Changing Deck - Performance

    This card trick defies all expectations and will instantly become a total knockout for anyone who sees it. Have a spectator chose a card from a red deck. They had a completely free choice. And yet, they somehow chose the only card that is blue in the whole deck. As if they wasn't shocking enough,...

  • Color Changing Deck - Secret

  • Notepad Prediction - Performance

    The amazing feature of this trick is it can be performed anywhere without any fancy setup. And it fools everyone. Start to deal playing cards onto a table. Ask the spectator to stop you whenever. This truly proves the card they stopped at was their free choice. You place a notepad on top of the c...

  • Notepad Prediction - Secret

  • Water to Ice - Performance

    The spectator pours some water into your mug. They hold their hand over the mug and quickly start to feel the water drop in temperature. You flip over the mug to reveal the water has transformed into ice cubes! This trick is ideal to perform at a restaurant, bar, or cafe.

  • Water to Ice - Secret

  • Magician Fooler - Performance

    This card trick is sure to fool magicians. It has a very sneaky secret where the magician never even touches the cards until finding the chosen card. The spectator selects any card from a fanned out selection. They memorize the card, then hide it somewhere inside the pile. Next, they shuffle, loo...

  • Magician Fooler - Secret

  • Red / Black - Performance

    This effect is guaranteed to baffle anyone who watches it. The deck of cards is shuffled by the spectator and shown to be completely mixed. You start to deal two separate card piles, and the spectator tells you when to stop. It's completely their free choice. As they turn the pile over, the cards...

  • Red / Black - Secret