The Magician's Guide to Surviving the World's End

The Magician's Guide to Surviving the World's End

In the end…
When magic is common…

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The Magician's Guide to Surviving the World's End
  • Full Deck Color Change

    Kris Nevling demonstrates how to change the color of an entire deck using nothing but the spectator's card.

  • Phasing Card Box

    Cause an entire deck of cards to pass through the card case revealing the cards are now sealed within.

  • Vanishing Card Deck

    Effortlessly squeeze to compress a full deck of cards into a single card.

  • Inversion

    Place a chosen card into the deck. Fool your spectator’s as the entire deck inverses itself around their card.

  • Holy P.O.D.

    This baffling effect gives you the power to transport, vanish, and change the color of a card placed between two Jokers with holes cut through their center.

  • Miracle Change Transpo

    In the blink of an eye, make two cards switch places in an unexpected way.

  • Hanging by a Thread

    Shockingly pull the chosen card through a solid pack of cards with a simple string.

  • Lighter Strike

    Vanish a coin only to magically pull the coin from the fire of a lighter.

  • Billtration

    Amaze any time as you pull two dollar bills through each other as if they were melting.

  • Blow Restore

    Tear up any card then simply blow on it to complete restoration.

  • Linking Bands

    Be ready to perform anytime and magically make any two rubber bands link and unlink.

  • Ring & Rubber Bands

    Cause any ring and rubber band to pass through each other. (Also includes a basic ring vanishing and reappearing routine.)

  • Siamese Twins

    Reveal two identical cards. One is placed outside the deck and the other within. When the first card is torn and burned, the card within the deck also follows suit.