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Sleight of Hand with Cards

Sleight of Hand with Cards

This complete course in Sleight of Hand With Cards comes to you in this 4 volume set. You will learn the basics and then get into the advanced moves and routines to become a world-class magician!

Volumes 1,2 & 3: Complete Card Manipulation
Volume 4: BONUS Ball & Thimble Manipulations!

Volume 1

Hand Exercises
Breaking in the Cards
Powdering the Cards
Thumb Fan
Pressure Fan
One-Handed Fan
S- Fan
Sharp One Handed Fan
Charlier Cut
Card Springing
Cards from the Mouth
Riffle Palming
Back Palm Vanish
Vanishing Card to Silk
Back Palm Production
Front Palm
Pivot Move
Roy Benson Move
Cardini Single Production
Snap Production
Ken Brooke Single Production
Eddy Ray Card Trick
Card Spinning
Card Spinning from Palm
Snap Spin
Boomerang Card
Single Toss Split
One-Hand Deal Display

Volume 2

Blank Fan/Reverse Fan
Fanning Deck
Color Changes with Fanning Deck
Double Fan Split
One-Handed Circular Fan
Giant Fan of Cards
Card Transposition
Perfect Production
Back Palm Fan of Cards
Split Fan Productions
Squeeze Production
Cards From Silk
Frank Garcia's Challenge Card Fan Production
Tenkai Packet Vanish
Packet Fan Away Vanish
Packet Fan Away Vanish to Silk
Arm Spread & Catch
Arm Spread Turnover & Catch
One-Handed Top Of the Arm Spread & Catch
Tenkai Card Vanish
Eddy Ray Fako Move
Eddy Ray Birdie Move

Volume 3

Tenaki Card Production
Producing Cards in Both Hands
Fan Appearance
Eddy Ray Card Production
Garcia's Eclipse Production
Garcia's Million Dollar Card Production
Walter Gibson's Interlock Production
Eddy Ray's Slick Card Vanish
Cardini 360 Degree Rotation Production
Aquitment Move
Robert Houdin's Diminishing Cards
Palm Color Change
Methods 2 & 3
Eddy Marlo Snap Change One Handed Shuffle
One-Handed Shuffle Cheat
Swivel Cut
Auto Cut
Rolo Deck
Goldston's Card Flower

Volume 4 *BONUS* - PACKED with techniques for manipulating balls and thimbles!

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Sleight of Hand with Cards