Shift - 21 Card Passes

Shift - 21 Card Passes

Most Card tricks require you to know exactly where the selected card is within the deck. Passes and shifts allow you to manipulate selected cards anywhere in the deck without the spectator’s knowledge. This instructional magic training course includes step-by-step teaching for 21 card passes and shifts. These techniques can be used for countless card routines.

Shift - 21 Card Passes
  • Introduction: The Shift

    Kris Nevling introduces the series, The Shift. A series that thoroughly teaches and explores the many variations of one of the most essential abilities in card magic. The ability to know exactly where a specific card is within the deck. How is this possible? That's where passes and shifts (and th...

  • Practice Method

    Kris introduces one of the greatest ways to begin learning the shift. All you need is a deck of cards and some scotch tape to start becoming more comfortable with the moves you must know to perform it... and the best part is, you can always have them on you. So, whenever you have some spare time ...

  • Classic Pass

    The selected card travels to the top of the deck in a fraction of a second. This pass is the foundation of mastering the rest of the shifts featured in this series. Master this, and the rest shall come.

  • Dribble Shift

    With the selected card in the middle of the pack, the rest of the deck is dribbled on top, sealing it in the center. That doesn’t stop the spectator’s card from sneaking to the top of the deck.

  • Spin Shift

    The chosen card is cut into the center of the deck. A quick spin sends their card right back on top. How is it accomplished? An all-around square up of the deck is performed.

  • Spin Shift Variation

    Now that you've got the Spin Shift down, Kris will show you a little variation on the move. The variation has a little more finesse that actually makes the shift even more deceptive while you're performing.

  • Sleeve Roll Shift

    Here's a shift that you can use on a special occasion. Control any selected card by just rolling up your sleeves. No one will ever suspect this crazy effect.

  • Spring Shift

    Now that you've learned the Dribble Shift, it's time to learn the Spring Shift. Amaze your spectator by simply springing the cards... and simultaneously springing their card to the top of the deck.

  • Point Pass

    Lose the chosen card anywhere in the deck. Point to the spectator and ask if they saw where their card went. They may think they know exactly where it's located, but you'll shock them when they discover that their card has mysteriously changed locations.

  • Side Slip Pass

    Here's a great pass to perform when you're sitting at a table... plus, it's really easy to do! Nevling will demonstrate how you too can effortlessly control any card to the top of the deck when you turn to face the spectator.

  • Bobble Shift and Shrug Bobble Shift Variation

    First, you'll see how just a gentle bobble is all it takes for the selected card to jump to the top of the pack. Then, learn how to control any card in the deck just by confidently shrugging your shoulders. It's truly a puzzler.

  • 360 Degree Riffle Shift

    This shocking effect can be performed from any angle. You can be completely surrounded by spectators and this move would still be undetectable. Plus, it's convincing every single time.

  • Tan Hock Chuan Plus Pass

    Wow, your audience by riffling the cards and causing any selected card to rise right to the top of the deck.

  • Spread Pass

    As one hand spreads the cards out into a fan, the spectator will place their card back into the deck. When you place the messy pile onto their card, they'll be amazed when their card magically finds its way back to the top of the deck.

  • K.N. Shift

    Kris demonstrates how to deceptively control the card from the center of the fanned deck. It's actually one of the most deceptive shifts ever developed. No one in your audience will see this one coming.

  • Charlier Cut

    Insert the card in between two lifted packets. Close the packets in your hand and gain control of the card.

  • Top Card Cover Pass

    This powerful shift allows you to control any card to any position in the deck. Want their card to be fifth down in the pack? No problem! Maybe you want it to be the third one or the tenth! Anything's possible with this shift.

  • One Card Shift

    Don’t blink or you’ll miss this. Instantly transport an inserted card to the bottom of the deck. Instead of shifting all the cards in the deck to control one card, you'll only shift one!

  • One Card Shift 2

    Here's another one card shift. Unlike the previous version though, this variation requires you to form a break under and above the chosen card in order to control the location it ends up in.

  • Midnight Shift

    Here's a shift created by the great magician, Steve Draun. All you have to do is spin the deck and watch the magic happen. What's more, this effect can easily be utilized for some amazing card color changes.

  • Messy Pass

    Mix the cards up and control the selected card to your fingertips. This is a great easy pass that you can use while practicing for some of the more difficult or advanced moves in this course.

  • Turnover Pass

    Once the chosen card is in the center of the deck, all it takes is a simple turn of the deck to control the card to the top. After demonstrating the standard Turnover Pass, Kris will then show you how to perform his variation of the pass.

  • Rob Stiff Full Tilt Control

    Master this incredibly secret card control and discover the many performance possibilities. All you have to do is a tilt to ensure the chosen card finds its way to the top of the deck. Sound simple? It is. Simple and totally deceptive.

  • K.N. Fan Shift

    Remove a section of fanned cards from the deck after the spectator has chosen their card and ace this awesome card shift. You'll impress them every single time!