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Secret Card Location

Reza Favorite Card Tricks • 2m 6s

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  • Torn & Restored

    You're really going to shock and confuse your audience with this one. It's not every day they see something obviously broken, ripped-up beyond repair, transform back to its original state. That's exactly what's going to happen, though. You'll completely destroy a piece of paper from a magazine, r...

  • The Incredible Coin

    The incredible coin will do an even more incredible disappearing act after you master this trick. The coin goes from one hand to... to where exactly? That's what your audience will be asking themselves after you perform this for them.

  • Sponge Ball Magic Routine

    This last move will require a bit more preparation and practice beforehand, but the results will make it more than worth your efforts. You'll need four sponge balls and a bit of natural finesse to pull this off.

    As you keep adding balls to the routine, your spectator will grow more and more per...