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Mystery Levitation

Reza Favorite Card Tricks • 1m 36s

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    Coin magic can be really fun to perform, but so many people seem to be fairly skeptical of it. Since a coin is so small, it's easy to hide and trick people with it in a routine. The Undercover Coin solves that issue right up. Your spectators will all take turns feeling the coin, getting adequate ...

  • Mind Reading with Color

    Now that you've learned how to predict the future, it's time to turn your efforts into another pursuit of the mind. Telepathy, in other words: mind-reading. After this tutorial, you'll be able to do just that. You'll be able to guess what color your spectator is thinking of, every single time. Re...

  • Secret Card Location

    It's an unspoken rule that every magician has to do at least one card trick per routine - and if you're going to do just one, make sure it's this one. This one trick will ensure that you'll be able to find your spectator's lost card no matter what. No matter how many times you shuffle and re-shuf...