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  • Telekinesis

    Have you dreamed of having the ability to move things with nothing else but the power of your mind? Reza teaches you how to make that dream a reality with this illusion called Telekinesis. Using a plain, everyday plastic baggie (with a little physical modification) you'll be able to make objects ...

  • Triple Prediction

    Would you agree that it's impossible to predict the future? That there is no way for anyone to possibly know something is going to happen before it actually occurs? As unbelievable and unrealistic as it may sound, Reza has unlocked a way to do just that. You'll know exactly how to shock your audi...

  • The Ultimate Phone Trick

    If you ever thought that card magic and illusions weren't apart of the modern age, Reza is here to prove you wrong. He'll show you how to swipe left on your smartphone and inexplicably produce the physical version of the card that you'd just displayed on your screen. As it disappears on one plane...