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Quick Tricks with Ben Salinas

Quick Tricks with Ben Salinas

Perhaps the most common demand of any magician is "show me a trick." However, the next time you are asked you may not have a single trick with you. It's moments like these that call for Quick Tricks. The masterful Ben Salinas will teach you how everyday objects can be used to perform the most amazing magic. Time will never stand still as long as you know the magic of Quick Tricks.

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Quick Tricks with Ben Salinas
  • Introduction: Quick Tricks

    Have you ever been in a situation where someone asks you to perform a trick, but you don't have a single magic trick on you? Ben Salinas is here to help you out. In this course, there are 10 impromptu ideas, the magic you can do with anything. After this course, you'll be doing magic anywhere, at...

  • Black Hole Vanish Performance

    Trust us, this one will be one of your favorites. Here’s a very simple, yet deceptive coin vanish method you will add to your next money magic routine. Ben Salinas has many years of experience teaching close-up magic with everyday objects. And now, he's willing to share some of his secrets to bui...

  • Black Hole Vanish Secret

    Setup: All you need is any coin and a cloth napkin or handkerchief to catch it. Usually, sitting near the table will make this much easier. Place the napkin in your lap to catch the coin. If you attempt to stand by the table, the coin can slide off and bounce on the floor.

    While your hand is ...

  • Blackhole Vanish

    Ben Salinas demonstrates how to do some on the spot coin magic. You'll learn how to make a coin vanish through a tabletop, just by rubbing it. That's it!

  • Flipstick Vanish

    After this short demonstration, you'll be able to masterfully (and easily) make a pen vanish right in front of your spectators. Any place. Any time.

  • Coin Through Pocket

    Everyone has some useless change that never leaves their wallet or pocket, right? Well, now you can finally get some serious use out of it! Watch and learn how to rub a coin through your pants into your pocket.



  • Magic Printing Biz Card

    Show an audience how you print all your business cards using nothing more than your hands and magical prowess. They'll watch on in disbelief as you inexplicable take a blank business card and turn it into something more.

  • Static Pen

    With just a simple rub to your shirt, you'll learn how to make any pen magically stick to your hand... without having to hold it! As long as you can find a pen, you can perform this fun and easy trick for anyone who asks to see a magic trick on the spot.

  • Vanishing Lipstick

    Ben Salinas demonstrates how you can make any lipstick (or object of about the same size or smaller) vanish into thin air at a moment's notice. You'll never be without magic if you learn this quick, on the spot trick!

  • Candy Vanish

    In just under two minutes you'll learn how to make a whole roll of candy disappear. This is one sweet trick!

  • Three of a Kind Performance

    All magicians want their spectators to be mystified by their show, no matter the size. Small objects can be some of the most magical, especially if they are everyday objects. Make batteries vanish and appear from your hands to your pocket. Any small objects can be used in your version of this rou...

  • Three of a Kind Secret

    This routine is famously used in the classic “Cups and Balls” to control where the audience thinks the balls are located at all times. All you need is four batteries of matching size. Of course, you can use many other objects of similar size to perform the same effect. Here’s some ideas: coins, e...