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The Ichiro Araki Series • 41m

Up Next in The Ichiro Araki Series

  • Return of the Angels

    Ichiro Araki demonstrates how to disperse and regroup four aces throughout a partial deck with a level of stealth that is beyond detection. By the end, your four aces will have found their way back to their starting positions seemingly instantaneously.

  • Twisting Aces Plus

    In just five minutes, Araki will teach you how to simultaneously hide and reveal your deck's four aces repeatedly before ultimately producing a baffling color change. You'll be able to impress any audience with what seems to be just a few simple twists and turns of the cards.

  • A Hors d'Oeuvre

    Learn how to magically transform your aces into kings and back again right before your audience's very eyes with A Hors d'Oeuvre. Due to the use of seemingly basic and minimal movements, this trick is beyond detection and relies on your ability to deliver a smooth execution.