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Watch Easy Coin Magic Full Volume - Download

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Easy Coin Magic Full Volume - Download

Master's Coin Magic Illusion Kit • 2h 11m

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  • Introduction: Easy Coin Magic

    Ben Salinas introduces his series Easy Coin Magic, the quintessential collection of coin magic for any aspiring magic attempting to advance their sleight of hand artistry. Everything you'll need is included here: the basics, the rudimentary moves, some advanced techniques, and great routines appl...

  • Holds, Grips & Palms

    To begin your journey towards becoming an excellent coin magician, it's essential to learn some of the basic holds, grips, and palms that you'll have to apply to many routines while practicing coin magic. Starting with the Finger Palm, a concealment technique you'll use very often throughout this...

  • Ramsay Subtlety

    The Ramsey Subtlety, credited to John Ramsay, is the perfect concealment that'll stump your audience every time. You'll be able to reveal a completely empty hand, while still shielding the coin from their probing eyes. You'll just need the basics of finger palm, and you'll be set, ready to includ...