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Svengali Deck - Learning

Svengali Deck - Learning

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This special deck has 26 normal length cards and 26 slightly shorter cards. The short cards are your force cards. For example, “Jack of Spades” or “Ace of Diamonds.” The first thing you need to do is mix the regular length cards with the shorter cards every other card; evenly mixed.


Hold the deck with your middle finger and thumb on the short end of the deck with your index finger on top. Lift the deck up so the faces are towards your spectator, let the cards fall by pushing with your index finger into your other hand. This will only show the regular faced cards. Flip the deck around so the backs are towards your spectator, let the cards fall once again and now only your force card will show.


With the cards face down, let them fall from one hand to the other and have your spectator stop you at any time. Have your spectator take the top card from the lower half, look at it, and return it to the deck. Note: This will always be your force card. Square up the deck and hold it as explained in the handling and show that your spectator’s card has magically disappeared from the deck by showing all the regular faced cards. Flip the deck around and show that you magically changed the entire deck to be their chosen card.

Svengali Deck - Learning
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  • Svengali Deck

    THIS special pack consists of twenty-six ordinary cards, all different, and twenty-six short cards all of the same suit and value. The latter may be narrower as well as shorter, but short duplicates only are generally used. The pack is set up by arranging the two sets alternately, thus every othe...

  • Little Heaps of Card

  • Cutting the Deck with a Knife

    WHEN a knife blade is thrust into the ruffled pack it will, as has already been seen, rest on the back of the force card. If, however, you want to have the card appear as the bottom card of the upper portion, thrust the point of the knife in a downward direction which will bring it below the shor...

  • The Wrapped Pack

    THE card is selected, returned, and the pack wrapped in paper. A knife is thrust through the paper into the pack and the card will rest on the knife either above or below it.

  • Fingerprint Vibrations

  • Svengali Force

    AN EASY but effective force for stage or platform work can be made with the Svengali pack. An unprepared easel is required which has a ledge on which you can stand seven or eight packets of cards. Having shuffled and cut the prepared pack, show the faces all different. Next, while exhibiting and ...

  • One Ahead Svengali

  • Svengali Demonstration