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Magician Fooler

Magician Fooler

This card trick is sure to fool magicians. It has a very sneaky secret where the magician never even touches the cards until finding the chosen card. The spectator selects any card from a fanned out selection. They memorize the card, then hide it somewhere inside the pile. Next, they shuffle, loosing their chosen card in the deck. As they simply think of the card, you quickly find it in the pile, even though you've never seen their card until the very moment you find it.

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Magician Fooler
  • Magician Fooler - Performance

    Once in a while a trick comes along that is a top-tier fooler. It can devastate other magicians because they can’t see how it’s done. That gives you a great advantage over them. Gain more respect with this effect. You give your spectator a small number of cards and ask them to select only one. Th...

  • Magician Fooler - Secret

    Setup: This effect can be performed with any regular deck of cards. There’s no smoke or mirrors involved, either. Use the specific cards shown in the video for the setup. Make sure they are rotated to have the majority of their pips facing upward. For example, the top four spades on a six of spad...