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Legends with Cards: 15 Card Trick Moves

Legends with Cards: 15 Card Trick Moves

Are you looking to become a "real" card worker? Or to learn how to make someone think of any card you want them to? That is exactly what you will learn in this comprehensive course on card trick moves with Kris Nevling. This series is a compilation of 15 of the very BEST and ORIGINAL card moves that have never before been published until now.

Soon you'll be able to perform some of the most amazing controls, false shuffles, and passes known in magic. As well as gain the elusive power to make someone think of whichever card you want them to. Are you ready to become a legend with cards?

Legends with Cards: 15 Card Trick Moves
  • Introduction: Legend with Cards

    Kris Nevling introduces his series, Legend with Cards. This series includes some of Kris' most original and illustrious card tricks that have never been published anywhere else before. During this series you will learn to perform some of the most incredible controls, false shuffles and passes kno...

  • The Convincer

    This trick is all in the key card. You'll need to make very quick note of it, without giving any indiction of doing so to your audience. The rest is up to your memory and the basic old riffle shuffle. If done right, you'll draw their card to the top of the deck every time.

  • The Spin Pass

    This pass requires precise, smooth and natural movements to master and sell to an audience. It will seem as though only a simple spin has called their card to top of the stack. This move can instantly be repeated over and over to really impress your crowd with your infallibility.

  • The KN Shift

    Kris reveals the secrets behind his highly deceptive KN shift. After enough practice, this move becomes invisible to the untrained eye. What is going on beneath the fan is never revealed, making the end result even more difficult for your audience to comprehend.

  • The Classic Pass

    The Classic Pass is a foundational building block of sleight of hand, a basic move you'll need to master to earn the right to call yourself a true card sharp. Kris demonstrates and explains the fundamentals needed to gain the mastery of this quintessential move.

  • The Spring Pass

    Kris demonstrates how to control a card to the top of a deck while springing the deck back and forth between both hands. This move requires speed and diligence, which necessitates frequent practice, focus and dexterity.

    It begins similarly to the Classic Pass, but switches it up at the last ...

  • Deception

    Deception is made easy with this trick. It's so quick and so sneaky that how you control the card to the top of the deck will be completely undetectable. Your audience will never suspect anything other than magic has taken place.

    Kris demonstrates this trick from multiple angles to ensure you...

  • Flip Flop to the Top

    This trick is more of a one time deal than any of the previous demonstrations have been so far. It also requires a bit more presentation in order to actually do it justice and really impress your audience. The Flip Flop to the Top will have you perform a color change and a pass, by

  • KN Cover Pass

    Kris demonstrates his version of the classic Cover Pass, including a few alternative ways to perform it. An understanding and mastery of a Cover Pass is a true necessity for anyone that wants to be taken seriously in the world of magic.

  • Spread Reverse

    After this three minute demonstration and tutorial you'll be one step closer to having the ability to instantly transpose any two cards within your deck. By spreading the deck, you'l literally reverse the position of your two key cards. The quicker and smoother you're able to make the switch, the...

  • KN Bottom Control

    In just under 3 minutes Kris will teach you how to control any card to the bottom of any deck. This trick is a lot simpler compared to previous demonstrations Kris has done so far. It still retains the same elegance and impressiveness the other more difficult tricks have, though.

  • Magic Control

    This move starts with a fair selection, leaving no room for the audience to be suspicious you're up to something. After that, you'll need to use a palming technique called Tenkai Palm. Tenkai Palm requires you to palm a card between your thumb and palm. Next thing your audience knows, their card ...

  • Think Control

    Kris presents a trick that may just convince some people you can read their minds. This move is a variations of a trick from one the oldest and most well-known card trick books ever, The Expert at the Card Table, written by S. W. Erdnase in 1902.

    Instead of noticeably pausing on a middle card...

  • Roll Up Sleeves Pass

    A trick in misdirection, kind of. You will seem to call direct attention to what would be the perfect opportunity for some incredulous behavior. That is the real moment of truth because you wouldn't direct their eyes to where the real trickery is going down... would you?

    This move is prepared ...

  • One Handed Shift

    Learn to control your card to the top of the deck using only one hand. The secret to mastering this trick is all in understanding one particular cut, which Kris demonstrates in-depth. Once you've got that down, the rest is a breeze and you'll be able to control a card to the top of any deck. You'...

  • Open Side Steal

    Kris demonstrates a trick that is much easier than it looks, but will still make you like a real professional. In just 3 minutes you'll learn how to control your spectator's card to the top of your deck so swiftly and precisely it'll seem almost instantaneous. So instantaneous in fact, it'll appe...

  • Point Control

    It's all in the name for this trick. As soon as you turn to point at one of your spectators, the trick has been completed. In the blink of an eye, or a point of the finger, you've controlled their card to the top of the deck.

  • KN False Shuffle

    A classic move that every aspiring card sharp should have stowed away in their toolbox. The False Shuffle is endlessly useful and practical. It allows you to give off the appearance of having randomized the order of the deck. However, with KN False Shuffle, the order of the cards remains the exac...