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Learn the Prediction

Learn the Prediction

Two cards are randomly selected by a spectator. The spectator freely chooses to place a circle medallion on one card and a square medallion on the other. You, the performer, reveal. The Prediction as an exact match to the spectator’s selection! This effect even fools many magicians.

Your Guide:

1. Setup: This effect can be performed with any regular deck of playing cards. First, place the 2 of Spades and the 3 of Hearts on the top of the face down deck of cards. The spectator will handle the cards for the rest of the trick.

2. Place the medallions, wallet, and deck of cards on the table. Tell the spectator, "I can do magic without even touching the deck." Instruct the spectator to deal out a single new pile face down, stopping whenever they want.

3. Next, ask the spectator to put the remaining cards aside. (The closed wallet must stay in full view during the entire effect.)

4. Ask the spectator to deal their new pile into two separate piles. (The two force cards that were placed on the top of the deck during the setup will be the top cards on each pile).

5. Ask the spectator "turn over the top card on each pile." (This will reveal the forced cards).

6. Explain that they arrived at these two cards through their "random" dealing. Ask them to place one medallion on each of the two "selected cards." Point out that it was their free choice. Give them the option to switch if desired.

7. The Reveal: Open the wallet. If the cards and shapes in the wallet match those on the table, place the open wallet on the table revealing the match. If not, remove the cards with the back of the Wallet facing the spectator. From their view, the cards will match their selection.

Learn the Prediction