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Jokers Wild

Jokers Wild

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The Joker is the most mysterious card in the deck. Many people don't understand its influence on the other cards. It has the power to change them. That's what makes it truly wild and unpredictable. Royalty cards become cautious around the devious ways of the Joker. They know him all too well. They've seen what he can do. At his core he's a trickster a swindler a master of disguise. He's highly skilled in the art of transformation. Once you know his secrets you will use the Joker to your advantage by changing a set of aces into copies of the jester. Once he's replicated himself his power increases. At the peak of his control he changes into a royal flush. Even skeptics will be baffled by the visual impact of Jokers Wild.

There are a wide variety of card routines than can be performed with this packet trick. As a finale you can transform the five Jokers into any cards you choose giving you a special opportunity to make the trick your own. And best of all you can take this incredible effect anywhere since the cards fit in your pocket.

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Jokers Wild