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Jaw Droppers Volume 5: Bonus Tricks

Jaw Droppers Volume 5: Bonus Tricks

Celebrity magician, Larry Anderson, performs each extraordinary trick and then breaks it down with a step-by-step explanation of how you too can amaze your own friends with very little practice.

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Jaw Droppers Volume 5: Bonus Tricks
  • How the Svengali Deck Works

    Larry explains how the Svengali deck, a perfect beginner level trick deck, works. He then demonstrates multiple rapid-fire tricks that can be performed using this special deck.

  • Somebody Stop Me

    This trick allows your audience to feel in control by giving them the power to stop your shuffling whenever they wish. But, is the power really in their hands?

  • A Bottom Deal

    This trick relies on you and your audience's ability to perform telepathy. Or does it? Larry demonstrates another quick and easy trick that can be done using the Svengali deck.

  • The Airborne Cards

    Do you believe in levitation? This trick tests your ability to make things appear to be lighter than air.

  • Copycat Cards

    Have you ever stumbled upon an abandoned deck of cards on the street? But upon examination, you realize this is actually a rather peculiar deck. Larry uses such a deck to demonstrate how to make your cards appear to copy each other.

  • Elevator Cards

    Are you mechanically inclined? Larry shows you how to operate every deck of card's built in elevator in order to really impress your audience.

  • Hanky-Panky Card Penetration

    Larry demonstrates how to perform a trick that is all about what is going on behind the scenes... or in this case, behind the hanky. This simple trick really will appear to be quite magical and totally inexplicable to the untrained eye.

  • Hide N' Seek

    This trick will convince your audience that they themselves are a bunch of regular card sharps. By handing over full control to your participants, you'll be able to impress anyone while not even touching or seeing the deck.

  • Take a Stab at It

    This demonstration teaches you how to get your participant to cut the deck... literally. This trick is so sharp and flashy, you'll impress even the most cynical audience.

  • The Ol' Switcheroo

    Do you have the skills to magically transport any card? Can you do it while all eyes are on you? Larry provides a step-by-step guide of how to swap any two cards and perform the ultimate switcheroo for your audience.

  • Split Decision

    Larry shows you a very unusual way to use the Svengali Deck to stun your audience. You'll split the deck in such a way that your participants' cards can't help but stick out.