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Jaw Droppers Volume 4: Cards Cards Cards

Jaw Droppers Volume 4: Cards Cards Cards

Celebrity magician, Larry Anderson, performs each extraordinary trick and then breaks it down with a step-by-step explanation of how you too can amaze your own friends with very little practice.

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Jaw Droppers Volume 4: Cards Cards Cards
  • Do As I Do

    Larry demonstrates the classic card trick, Do As I Do. This trick has the performer mirror the movements of their participant, resulting in both having selected the same card.

  • I'm Sure You Degree

    This trick heats things up, literally. Larry demonstrates how to find your participants chosen card based solely off the heat they've infused it with from their touch.

  • Out Of My Hands

    This hands-free trick will have your audience thinking all the cards are in their hands. Can you really find their card with your back turned?

  • Quick as Lightening

    Any good card trick should be quick as lightening, done in a flash. Shock your audience with this rapid fire card trick that relies on their attention to detail.

  • The Odd Couples

    You've got mail! Larry teaches how to make simple word play seem like real magic.

  • Two on a Match

    It's time to perform an experiment with ESP. Larry tests out his mind-reading and future-telling abilities with this trick that will have your audience seeing double.

  • The Drunken Shuffle

    Every card dealer knows the importance of a good shuffle. There's a few ways to give a deck the good shuffle that it needs: the riffle, the overhand, and the drunken shuffle. Larry demonstrates how to make a messy, drunken shuffle into real magic.

  • Touchy-Feely Aces

    Any good gambler or card shark should be able to discern between any card based solely on touch. Whether it be a face or numbered card, the ink on the card can reveal all they need to know to figure out the identity of any card. In this demonstration, Larry teaches you the skills of a card shark.

  • The Im-Pul-Sable Discovery

    Have you ever taken a lie detector test? This trick allows you to administer one. Let your audience's heart lead you right to their card.

  • Under the Influence

    Larry shows how you can predict the future, or at least how to appear you can using the one-ahead principle.