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Jaw Droppers Volume 3: Well Worth It

Jaw Droppers Volume 3: Well Worth It

Celebrity magician, Larry Anderson, performs each extraordinary trick and then breaks it down with a step-by-step explanation of how you too can amaze your own friends with very little practice.

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Jaw Droppers Volume 3: Well Worth It
  • The Ultimate Utility Move

    Celebrity magician, Larry Anderson opens this course in magic by not showing a magic trick, surprisingly. Instead, Anderson shows the single most important move taught within this collection of lessons and demonstrations. This move is the most sleight of hand you'll have to know in order to perfo...

  • Business Card Bamboozle

    Larry demonstrates his favorite way to exchange business cards. All it takes is a couple innocuous fist bumps to make your business card magically replace theirs. All said and done, you'll both walk away with each others card and they'll never be able to forget you.

  • Worth Its Salt

    Whenever you're feeling a little distraught or unlucky, it might help to throw a little bit of salt over your shoulder. If you're still feeling down and out, might as well throw that whole shaker over your shoulder. See if it helps. This trick is all about the practicing and perfecting of your ti...

  • Zombie Spoon

    Learn how to make a spoon, or any other eating utensil come to life with this trick, the Zombie Spoon. This trick is all about your ability to work a room and really put on a memorable and delightful performance. It might be a zombie spoon, but you'll definitely put a little bit of life back into...

  • Silverware Shuffle

    This shuffle is best done for one participant rather than a whole crowd. You'll have them thinking they don't know their right from their left and that you can magically transfer a bend through a table. But first, which is your favorite - the fork or the spoon?

  • Ring & Coin Join

    Learn how to transfer a quarter or a ring from one handkerchief to another so seamlessly that it is beyond detection to the magically untrained eye. This trick is great because it takes little to no preparation since it only uses borrowed items and some that are already present at most dinner tab...

  • Loopy Linking Loops

    This trick breaks all physical rules. If anyone in your audience studies or understands the basics of physics, they'll know what is about to happen should be impossible. You can't cause two loops to become intertwined without getting their ends involved. Or can you?

  • Winged Silver

    This trick requires four dollars and a napkin. Larry teaches how to transport coins so discreet and quickly that your audience will have no choice but to believe that the silver grew wings. It's all about what is going on just beneath the surface.

  • Continuous Coins

    Want to make some fast cash? Larry shows how to make a continuous stream of coins turn into a spectacular fountain of cash. Your whole audience will want to learn the mysteries behind this trick after you're done.

  • Gimme Five Transposition

    It's probably always in your best interest to never use your own money as props in any of your tricks. That way nobody can accuse you of being up to any funny business... and of course, you'll never lose any of your hard-earned cash. Larry shows how to subtly force a five and one dollar bill to t...

  • Rebounding Dinner Roll

    This gag will have everyone scared to try the dinner rolls, even the ones fresh out the oven. Larry demonstrates a quick auditory and visual trick that requires zero preparation that'll have your audience questioning what and what isn't real.

  • Perplexing Penny-tration

    Since your Pennys don't really go far these days, Larry developed a trick that uses seven Pennys. That way, instead of them just weighing down your wallet - you'll get some use out of them after all. This trick will have your audience questioning their ability to count.

  • The Mysterious Black Hole

    Black holes are places within space that contain such strong and magnificent gravitational acceleration, nothing can withstand or escape them. What if I told you that everything on Earth has its own personal black hole. Even the dinner table you eat at. Larry demonstrates how to find your table's...

  • Through the Table

    Larry performs an experiment that defies all physical laws of science. Can you force a half dollar to penetrate through a solid table? Is it even possible? Larry shows you how you too can perform the impossible.