Hotshot with Cards: Volume 2

Hotshot with Cards: Volume 2

Welcome back! It's time to continue your journey of becoming the hotshot card performer of your dreams! Thanks to Ben Salinas and this collection of showstopping color changes, it's all within grasp. You'll be wowing your friends, family, and crowds in no time at all.

In volume 2 is where you'll really crank up the heat. You'll learn all the tools and secrets necessary to become a seriously sizzling hotshot card performer.

Hotshot with Cards: Volume 2
  • Variation

    If the previous Altman Double Color Change interested you, but was a little too above your skill level - this variation is for you. It might be easier for some to begin this trick with your chosen card already palmed. This gives you one less step to worry about during your presentation... which ...

  • No-Palm Color Change

    The often miscredited or blatantly not credited at all, No-Palm Color Change is the brainchild of the great Dai Vernon. This color change is entirely dependent upon practice and timing. Once you've got the timing down, and you've stopped accidentally flashing your top card - you'll find that this...

  • Pinch Color Change

    Next, we have another great color change from Dai Vernon called the Pinch Color Change. Unbelievable, colorful magic will happen in a pinch (or two) after you've mastered this move.

  • Startling Change

    Are you ready to startle your audience? This Jerry Andrus sneaky color change will definitely do the trick. Not only do you have to create a mystifying color change under pressure, you'll also have to reinsert your card back into the middle of the deck without being detected. Think you're up to i...

  • Throw Change

    Are you ready to throw it all out there? Well, maybe not all of it... The Throw change is an old, old trick thats origins are all but untraceable. Another magic origin story written off to antiquity.

  • Spin Change

    Think you can spin your deck and make an insane color change happen at the same time? Get ready to test your multitasking abilities with this fun, fairly easy color change.

  • Tabled Color Change

    Under the guise of merely squaring the deck, you'll be able to pull off a very visual and remarkable color change for your audience. The best part? You don't even have to worry about handling the whole deck at once. The whole change is... you guessed it, totally and completely tabled.

  • Flutter Change

    Ben shows how to complete Gary Kurtz' Flutter Change. This color change works perfectly into a routine. When you flip the first card and it's not their card, your spectator will be a little disappointed. So, with one wave of your hand you'll make their card appear at the last second. A little fak...

  • One-Handed Top Palm

    The One Handed Top Palm is easier than meets the eye and is sure to delight your audience. The move occurs at a very unusual time, right when you hand the deck over to the spectator. Using your pinky, you'll make the control card pop right up into your palm as you hand the deck out to completely ...