Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Tebe Change

Hotshot with Cards: Volume 2 • 4m 6s

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  • Tenkai Color Change

    It's time to learn another way to produce a striking color change using the good ol' Tenkai palm. After this tutorial, you'll even surprise yourself with how quickly you're able to produce a seriously killer color change. A real Hot Shot move.

  • Altman's Double Color Change

    Are you the type that isn't satisfied with only shocking your audience once? You just need to get that surprise follow up in there somewhere. Al Altman's Double Color Change is the perfect thing for you, then. Just when you've piqued their interest with one impressive color change, you'll then kn...

  • Variation

    If the previous Altman Double Color Change interested you, but was a little too above your skill level - this variation is for you. It might be easier for some to begin this trick with your chosen card already palmed. This gives you one less step to worry about during your presentation... which ...