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Hotshot with Cards: Volume 2 • 1m 54s

Up Next in Hotshot with Cards: Volume 2

  • Cardini Snap Change

    Now you're ready for a classic, the Cardini Snap Change. The card changes under the cover of just flicking off a piece of dust off the face of the card. Cleaning off the card reveals its true color, or so it seems.

  • Super Flip Utility Concept

    Now you're ready for the Super Flip Utility Concept, a move created and credited to Ben Harris. In order to complete this trick properly you'll need to make a little bit of a gimmick. A homegrown gimmick that's always in your deck and ready to go. That homegrown gimmick consists of just two tiny,...

  • Midnight Shift

    Sometimes referred to as the Graveyard Shift, Steve Draun's Midnight Shift is a variation of the Hermann Turnover Pass, but done with a little extra flare. Like the Hermann, when you rotate to your left, you'll enter into the L-Shape - but, instead of creating cover for the deck, you'll quickly s...