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Double Lift Changed Under the Arm

Hotshot with Cards: Volume 2 • 1m 56s

Up Next in Hotshot with Cards: Volume 2

  • Eidetic Change

    Ben introduces another classic color change, Ed Marlo's Eidetic Change. The Eidetic Change is truly exciting for audiences because of how open it is compared to other tricks. They'll believe they're seeing everything, so no funny business could possibly be happening here. All you'll need to pull ...

  • Double Fan on Table

    This flashy color change simply requires you know how to do a one handed fan in both hands. A sweep with both of the fans will produce a spectacular color change that'll even have you wondering how you do it.

  • Double Lift

    Now it's time to use that good ol' Double Lift as a color change. If you're well-versed in the Double Lift, you'll have absolutely no problems turning it into a delightful color change. That's because there's really not much else to it than that.