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Up Next in Hotshot with Cards: Volume 2

  • Sloppy Double Deal

    Surprisingly easy and still impressively visual, the Sloppy Double Deal is a fun little trick - especially if you enjoy making a few messes every now and again. The only real trick is figuring out how to get all your cards down in the first place.

  • Double Color Change

    The Double Color Change, is an entertaining color change credited to Chris Kenner, Charlie Miller and Jack Merlin. The set-up for this move is a little different than any of the other color changes covered so far. So you can achieve your double color change, you'll need to pull out your chosen fo...

  • Tunnel Change

    If you've made it this far, you're finally ready for the Tunnel Change. A color change that looks harder than it really is, it'll give your fingers a chance to rest in-between all these other more difficult color changes. Just because it's easier doesn't mean it's any less exciting than the other...