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Expert Card Magic: Volume 2

Expert Card Magic: Volume 2

Anyone who is excited by learning card tricks should be familiar with Sal Piacente and his incredible expert card magic routines. In fact, Sal is so good at performing card magic that casinos hire him for his expertise in preventing and catching cheaters trying to bring down the house.

In this well-crafted training, Sal pulls back the curtain on some of his most powerful effects. Including the "4,5,6 Packet Tick" which is truly a show-stopping routine. In that card trick, Sal finds a spectator's chosen card in the deck that he or she has just merely thought of. Can you imagine the reaction when you make that one happen? MIND-BLOWING.

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Expert Card Magic: Volume 2
  • The McDougal Stack Outdone

    Sal will stack the four aces into his deck and then deal them back to himself. Watch and prepared to be blown away as Sal counts out four cards four times... and the fifth card is always an ace.

  • Paint Poker

    This routine draws its name from the cards used. In poker, the court cards, i.e. kings, queens, jacks, are referred to as the paint. So, it means all the high cards in a deck... which is exactly all you'll be using to perform it.

  • Rollover Aces

    Here's another great ace cut routine, because you can never have enough of 'em! This time the aces are going to help you deal yourself out a royal flush... or two.

  • The Riffle Stack

    This next routine is more of a gambler's move. It's less a magic trick and more a display of skill. You'll be setting up hands as you shuffle the cards... and you'll be using this move for a long time to come.

  • The Faro Stack

    You start by showing your spectator the four aces. Next, you'll place them on top of the deck and do a simple Faro Shuffle. What happens after that? You deal yourself back all four aces, of course.

  • 4, 5, 6 Packet Trick

    This last trick is the perfect closer. Why? The spectator doesn't simply pick a card from the deck, they only have to merely think of a card... and you divine it.

  • Encore Card Trick

    This next trick is a great follow-up for the 4, 5, 6 Packet Trick. They work, hand and hand with each other... both equally baffling. Your spectator will pull out a poker hand, take note of the highest card in the bunch and return them to the deck. After a good shuffling or two, you'll be able to...