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Expert At The Card Table

Expert At The Card Table

The book "The Expert at the Card Table" alone has been highly sought after since its publication in 1902. In the early days of its existence, "The Expert at the Card Table", was considered obscene material because of the secrets contained within. Law enforcement at the time knew the tricks and moves in this book had the potential to make a practitioner of this material a very rich person.

These days the wisdom passed down by this set is mostly used for advanced card workers and professional magicians to perform unheard of effects.

This video series breaks down the knowledge into bite size pieces of magic training. No longer do card workers need to rely solely on reading the book to absorb all of the education.

Please keep in mind although the secrets contained within these volumes have the potential to make you large sums of money we are strongly opposed to using them for such dealings. This is strictly for entertainment purposes only.

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Expert At The Card Table