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Up Next in Encyclopedia of Card Tricks with Rudy Hunter

  • Five Card Mental Force

    THE following five cards are placed face up in an even row on the table, KH, 7C, AD, 4H and 9D. The performer addresses a spectator, somewhat as follows: "I have picked out five cards at random and I want you to mentally select just one. You have an unrestricted choice and You must not think that...

  • New Card Discovery

    USING any pack that has been freely shuffled, secretly note and remember the top and bottom cards. Looking through the pack to remove the Joker gives a good opportunity for doing this. Then riffle shuffle letting the last card of the left-hand portion fall first, and the last card of the right-ha...

  • You Do As I Do

    IN THIS version the two packs are shuffled and exchanged, then both are again shuffled and exchanged but before handing over your pack you sight the top card. The best way to do this is to sight the bottom card when taking the pack from the spectator then with an overhand shuffle bring that card ...